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Encouraging quotes

I have come to the conclusion that discipline in my Christian walk is greatly lacking. I am lazy. Even though I have a type A personality, “business” is no excuse for the lack of and decline in the most important thing in my life. Deeper relations with my Saviour, Jesus Christ. I desire to grow rich in the shadow and fellowship of Him. The following notes and quotes are made and taken for a better understanding of growth, discipline, and contentment. This does not mean however that I will force growth on others around me. I will not be prideful about it either. This is for my benefit. I desire a life that is in constant pursuit of the love relationship that Jesus Christ, has for me. If by any chance these notes and quotes are benefiting to others than by all means please enjoy. But, know this: it was written with the intent of just blessing and encouraging my own crazy soul as I walk with my Lord. -Kate – Strive to choose, not which is easiest, but that which is most difficult. Do not deprive your soul of the agility which needs to mount up to Him -St. John of the Cross

Psalms 145: 16 You open your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing. Aim for a Holy life, for without that not one will see the Lord -Elizabeth Elliot

Be stripped for action, perfectly self-controlled -Unknown Grab one of your favorite books and take the time to really read it. What captivates you in this story? Some books are so inspiring they bring out the joy of just knowing how to read. -Kate

I am my sternest master… Paul- Corinthians I have… Access to the Father (Romans 5:2)

Awake my soul and with the sun thy daily stage of duty run: Shake off dull sloth and Joyful rise To pay thy morning sacrifice -Thomas Ken

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