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Tips for Helping Kids Learn Through Each Stage and Age

Each and every one of us are learning. It has been said that children can learn at triple the speed as adults. For example, think of a five year old child. Just four years earlier they were learning to walk and feed themselves with a spoon. Now they are learning to make their beds, read, tie shoes and play sports! It is this incredible phenomenon that I want to utilize to my advantage for my own children’s’ sake and why this year we could all use some extra assistance! That is why I have collaborated with to give you this particular article. I hope it encourages each and everyone of us who are on a journey of learning and teaching. – Kate Dahlin

Being a parent is rewarding, but raising kids is tough, and even the most experienced parents need a helping hand. Each age and stage presents new challenges with education and growth. Find resources for navigating each stage of your kids’ development below.

Encouraging Growth and Development in Babies and Toddlers

When your child first starts learning about the world around him, he needs constant care and support. The following resources can help you through this stage of growth and development.

Why the First Five Years of Childhood Development Are So Important 30 Little Ways to Bond with Baby

25 Fun Things to Do with Babies and Toddlers

Tips for Choosing Toys for Toddlers

Promote Creative Play with Legos

20 Ways to Boost Your Baby’s Brain Power

Raising Preschoolers and Grade Schoolers

Once kids reach preschool to school age, they will usually be busting with energy and curiosity. Kids in this stage will start exploring the world around them, while also making social connections and taking interest in sports, creative projects, and other hobbies.

7 Educational and Entertaining Activities for Young Kids

Fun and Free Educational Websites for Kids

10 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in Elementary School

8 Multisensory Techniques for Teaching Reading

Storm Spotting for Children: At-Home Meteorology

Future Skills: 7 Essential Skills Your Kids Should Learn at School to Succeed in the Future

8 Ways to Help Your Child Make Friends in School

Tips for the Teenage Years

When your kids become teenagers, they’ll start feeling independent and appreciate a more hands-off approach to parenting. However, that doesn’t mean they no longer need guidance or a supportive home environment as they learn and grow through this stage.

How to Support Your Teenager: 15 Ways To Fill Up Your Teen’s Tank

How to Motivate Teenage Students to Learn in School

What Are Some Things Teenagers Have to Deal with in High School? If you feel like you don’t have all the answers you need to be a good parent, you’re not alone. Parenting means you’re constantly learning on the go, but resources like these can help you navigate the obstacles you may face.

Written by: Kristin Louis

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