An Exceptional Romance

Romance is not work when you get it right. It is inspiring, magnetic, and everybody wants to know the secret. 


Do you desire to reignite the fire you felt in those early dates before life got more comlex and routine replaced romance? This book will help fan that spark into a flame that grows, matures, and lasts a lifetime.


So many people are looking for personal development and excellence in their lives, especially as it relates to relationships. We will show you how small adjustments can make a significant difference and impact your trajectory together. Buck the status quo. Dream big. Avoid mediocrity. Create an enduring bond. Join us on this quest for An Exceptional Romance.

An Exceptional Romance

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  • "In this case, you can judge a book by the cover. The Dahlin's have blended their experience, hope, and passion into timeless principles this generation can get excited about, and actually apply in the real world."

    -Ted Lowe, CEO of